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What... What is that?

Hello + a big ol' welcome to my first official blog post, ever. As a lover of talking when no one wants to hear me, I think this will be great fun. For someone who only does about three things in total, I sure have a lot to say about them.

Let's start out with something gross and hilarious. This is a real photograph from a real page in a real cookbook that aspiring chefs from all over America would really turn into a real plate of food. Although kind of actually a little bit pretty, this "Shrimp Sandwich Roll" definitely doesn't taste like strawberry shortcake, even though it looks like it should. This is one my favorite things about the 1960s aesthetic. People would eat this. They would eat it. And they would enjoy it, and ask for seconds, and compliment the chef on their fine display of the delectable meal. And here I am, 48 years later, throwing up and laughing simutaneously.

If you asked me what I'd rather be doing right now, I would always say the same thing: "Flea-marketing and yard-saling the morning away with my mom." And it's reasons like this that I love it so. Picking up an old cook book like this one, (Pillsbury's "Bake Off Cook Book: From the 18th Annual Bake Off, 100 Prize Winning Recipes" from 1967), flipping through the pages, and finding a photo such as this. Or maybe it's a "frozen cheese salad," "tuna and jell-o pie," or a "liver sausage pineapple," which are also real things. Either way, I call my mom over and we giggle for five minutes straight while picturing someone placing their shrimp flavored strawberry shortcake in front of us at the dinner table while we chortle.

At least take the olive out of the center and let us think it's strawberry shortcake.

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