Sky Erickson


Client: Personal
Year: 2014
Role: Conceptual Designer, Graphic Designer, Animator
Discipline: Service Design

Newly independents have it hard. Moving into a new apartment, living on your own, paying bills, the stress of work and/or school, as well as trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is a lot to juggle. SAVR is here to help.

SAVR helps relieve you of one of these stressors by helping you take control of your grocery shopping. How many times have you come home to find food that has gone bad in your fridge and left you with nothing to eat? You won't have this problem anymore thanks to SAVR's virtual pantry feature that organizes all of your food in order of expiration date by simply scanning a QR code at the bottom of your grocery receipt.

Our short pitch video encompasses everything that this service can do for you. This service was designed by myself and three other MassArt students–Megan Riley, Jay Borrelli & Sean Morse–as part of our Design Research class.