Sky Erickson

Just Desserts

Client: Personal
Year: 2015
Role: Conceptual Designer, Graphic Designer
Discipline: User Experience Design, Interface Design

Just Desserts is a website concept created by myself and another designer, Megan Riley. We came across a dataset on prisoners on death row and their final meal requests, and found it ironic that so many of them felt that they deserved a dessert after their meal. The website puts the user in the place of a prisoner trying to decide what to have for their final dessert, and compares the information inputted with the information from the dataset in order to help the user decide what to enjoy. The user can also filter through all the prisoners in the database to see what their murder weapon was, how many people they killed, what their secondary crime was and what they chose for dessert.

We also put together an infographic which takes a look at each prisoner in graph form.