Sky Erickson

I Love You I Love You!

I Love You I Love You! is a book using a letter accompanied by a secondary source. It uses ex-Nirvana member Kurt Cobain's suicide note, as well as his wife, Courtney Love's commentary on the note played at his public vigil.

The beginning of Courtney Love's commentary starts with "He always said he was gonna outlive everybody and be 120." Because of this, I used 120 pages in my book. 27 content pages (the age of Cobain at his death), and 93 blank, black pages. The rest of the back matter of the book, including end pages and book jacket, are black as well.

Kurt Cobain hated being famous. In respects to him, this book is designed to be the most average book size. Using "bad photocopy" textures, I attempted to tie in the look and feel of grunge zines from the time. This book was printed and bound by yours truly at MassArt.